The Stanford Uni course devoted to one Taylor Swift song

It’s a song that’s topped the charts, received critical acclaim and even been adapted into an award-winning short film.

Now, the latest honour bestowed upon Taylor Swift’s hit song All Too Well is being the subject of a course at Stanford University.

All Too Well (Ten Week Version) is a class being offered as part of Stanford’s Italic 99 programme, which sees students instructing fellow students in topics not normally seen in a university syllabus.

Instructor Nona Hungate told 1News that the song, which has gained a cult following, is the perfect choice to fill a 10-week course.

“There’s the cultural context, there’s the music itself, there’s the music theory, there’s the vocal line,” Hungate said.

“There’s so much that goes into a song that I think people aren’t really grasping how much you can actually talk about it.

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